Full Day / Short Day Option Fees

Full Day Service = Monday to Friday – 7.30am to 5.30pm (Minimum of 6 + hours per day and 3 days per week)

Short Day Service = Monday to Friday- 7.30am to 5.30pm (Fixed time of 6 hours per day and 3 days per week)

Days (Minimum 3 Days per week) Under 3’s Day Rate (Minimum 6 hours per day) Over 3’s Full Day / Short Day Service Including 20 hrs ECE (6+ Hours per day)
2 Days 175.00 $105.00
3 Days 195.00 $130.00
4 Days 250.00 $180.00
5 Days 325.00 $225.00

Over 3’s FREE Sessions Available (Free up to 6 hours per day)

Morning & Afternoon Sessions Available (Monday to Friday)

Booking Time Option 1 Fee
Morning Booking (4 hours) 8.30am – 12.30pm FREE
Afternoon Booking (4 Hours) 12.30pm – 4.30pm FREE


  • Minimum booking 3days per week.
  • 20 Hours free ECE.
  • Once a child is enrolled and confirmation of a start date is given, all booked sessions will be
    charged, regardless of whether a child attend or not.
  • Two weeks written notice is required if your child is leaving the Centre. Fees are payable
    during this notice period.


  • Automatic payment and internet banking are our preferred methods of payment as this minimises the amount of staff time required to process the payments.
  • Fees are to be paid at least 1 week in advance. Failure to keep fees up to date may result in a child’s enrolment being forfeited and the debt being passed on to a debt collection agency, for which the parent will be responsible for any associated costs incurred.
  • WINZ childcare subsidies are available for fee assistance depending on the level of your total family income. Please talk to staff regarding this. This subsidy is only part payment for fees and parents must meet the balance. Full fees will be charged until the Centre receives the WINZ subsidy.

Holidays / Statutory Holidays / Sick Days / Absences

  • Fees are charged for casual absence.
  • No fees will be charged for COVID related illness.
  • No fees will be charged for statutory holidays.
  • No fees will be charged if the Centre is closed
  • Where a child is absent for a consecutive period of 1 week or more a holding fee of 50% of the child’s normal weekly fee is payable provided that at least 2 weeks’ notice is given of the absence.

Late Fees

  • For children who are picked up after the Centre’s closing time, a late fee of $1 per minute after 5 minutes will be added in their weekly invoices.

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