Li’l Champs Highland Park is our newest Montessori Preschool located at 43 Aviemore Drive. The Centre is strategically located next to a beautiful nature reserve, Lloyd Elsmore Park and it’s one of the most distinctive features of our Centre. Using the reserve and the beautiful surrounding landscape as inspiration, we have designed a warm, spacious and inviting space for our children, their families and our teachers.

We welcome families with children from the age 3 months to 6 years. The internal and external spaces have been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional to meet the needs of the different age groups of children that we care for. We aspire to provide the Montessori Method of early childhood education woven into Te Whariki, the NZ early childhood curriculum. Both philosophies emphasise the holistic development of the child, engaging all their senses as they interact with the different materials within their prepared environment, building on essential social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive skill that will set them up to be confident and competent life long learners.

Parents please give three months notice before your children are turning 5 if you decide to stay with us till the age of 6 years.

Open from 7.30am – 6.00pm, we offer short or long days, or full time enrolment for children.

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