About Us


Managing Director

Prakash Grover is a person with long and rich experience in the field of education and child development. He is a strongly motivated Registered Psychologist with more than 25 years of experience in both clinical and educational settings. Master’s degree in psychology and in Sociology, post graduate qualification in guidance and counselling and a degree in speech language therapy make Prakash a well-qualified professional. He is a member of the NZ Psychological Society, NZ Psychology Board, NZ speech therapist’s association and member of SPELD (he is an approved SPELD tutor and assessor]. He holds a strong vision to develop an early childhood centre which will provide holistic educational and developmental services for NZ Kids.

Senior Specialist Teacher/Operations Manager

Punita is a NZ registered specialist teacher with an experience of more than 15 years in teaching children in New Zealand. She has instinct/skills to connect to children with differentness and cause positive changes to their life. Punita continues to hold passion and desire to belong to learning kids. She connects and adapts effectively to cause learning. She has good knowledge of NZ Curriculum and developmental needs of the students. She has an experience of over 3 decades teaching young children. She belongs, brings comfort, engages and interacts with children with a welcoming style.

Centre Manager

Sucheta is a passionate Childhood Educator for the last two decades. She is a keen advocate for child’s right and have a passion to connect, educate and belong to children and their families. She is currently working as a Centre Manager with Lil Champs Papatoetoe. She has a strong passion for working with children and families to make them feel happy and belonged. She emphasises on the important role of teachers in the society to look after and nurture the young minds enabling them to reach to their full potential. She loves talking to people and exchange cultural knowledge with them and engage in reciprocal relationships with parents. She believes in providing opportunities to stakeholders in early childhood.

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