All in all, I would like to thank everyone at li’l Champs, especially in our kiwi room.
Emily, Nichole, Carol, Aman, new member Farina and also the center manager, Jane.

I would like to see Ava’s happy momenents at li’l Champs, more and more, and I really appreciate the safe, happy caring environment you guys generated for all childern.

I hope Ava enjoy her future life here and have a lovely adventure!

Dear li’l champs family,

Sophia joined in the centre when she was 15 months, now she has been in the centre for more than 2 years. I visited the baby room before I made my decision, the room is bright, clean with lovely decoration, sleeping room is separated. I noticed every young kids has been looked after very well and teachers were kind and patient. At that age, the most important was safety and care.

In this two years, I am very proud of her growth, now Sophia is happy, brave, independent, confident and well-disciplined. She tides up toys after playing, she always trying to do everything by herself, she likes reading, drawing with great focus. She even can read numbers and letters while we watching TV or reading books. Sometimes I can’t believe she is only 3 years old.

Teachers shared the photos, videos and the learning stories on Storypark frequently, it was happy to see that they doing in the centre. They made different cards and handcrafts on each festival with teacher’s help.

We would like to express our appreciation to all the teachers, thanks for your love, care, profession, patience and passion to make Sophia so special and amazing. Thanks Jane and teachers made quick responses and effort during Covid period to keep a safe and healthy environment to our kids.

All the best!

When we enrolled at Lil’ Champs Highland Park Center, Vivian was only a year and a half old. Time flies, Vivian is 5, and she is a primary student now. The students in her class started one term earlier than her, but she quickly settled in and has already made some new friends. I think that’s because she has developed good communication skills at the Lil’ Champs Highland Park Center. Her teachers have been encouraging her, giving her confidence, and teaching her how to express herself and communicate with others. I think this is very important for a small child to go to a completely new environment.

Lil’ Champs Highland Park Center is well organized. The teachers have always been very nice to the children and have patiently taught them to be polite, to be nice to each other, do things in a planned way, and make sure that the children are ready for primary school. Vivian quickly caught up in her studies, because while she was in the centre, teacher Aarmine already taught her writing, pronunciation, basic math, and a lot of knowledge about daily life (such as days of the week, months of the year, life cycles of animals, etc.), therefore I would like to give a big thanks to all her teachers!

The food in the centre is delicious and healthy as well. The teachers will make sure each child is well fed and not too full.

Vivian likes her teachers and classmates very much. Her time at the centre is an important part of her wonderful childhood. Thanks again!

Sachiel's family photo

Dear Lil Champs teachers

I would like to thank you every teacher and staff for creating such a beautiful environment and a wonderful experience for Sachiel during his three and half years.

Sachiel joined in Centre when he was one and half year, he has been looking after by many teachers, and also made many friends.

He also has developed a lot of good living habits. He washes his hands by himself, tidies up after playing with toys, doing things with great focus.

Thanks to all teachers so much for your hard working and thanks to the teachers help Sachiel Potty training. Sachiel will miss you so much!

Wishing all the best!
Kind Regards

Dear lil champs family,
Amber started around the age of 2years and just so happens to be graduation day tomorrow.

We cannot be more proud but at the same time feel a bit sad she leaving her journey at lil champs has been fun and knowledgeable which we really want to thank the entire staff/teachers/team here.

Aaren also joined just after 2 years old and will continue until he is ready for next step.

His elder sister will be greatly missed at school – however I am confident the team will help Aaron get use to it without sister presence.

Feedback :

With the recent years of lockdown etc., we found the importance of online communication vital and with the apple malls from storypark – it has helped alot to know my kids weekly and lil champs events – well done!

Programme like Ready Steady Go are simply awesome and would love to know more of any other programmes available.

Teacher and parents communication is on point !

We always feel welcomed and love the processes have a great faith into the team at Lil champs.

Many Thanks,


Dear Teachers and Staffs of Lil’ Champs Highland Park,
I would like to thank you everyone for creating such a wonderful experience for Jayden during his two and a half years at the Centre.

I still remember when Jayden started to join, he was a little 2.5 yrs old boy and cried for a week while going to school, and now, he never goes to school without a smile and excited mood. This is all because of all of your patience, love and teaching passion no doubt. Jayden has achieved a lot these years and he has started off on the right foot by having you all as his teachers.

It is difficult to mention everything in detail but I truly want to express my deep appreciation to all the teachers and staff. I am so glad and lucky to have you all with Jayden during his childhood.

With a heavy heart and teary eyes, we have to say goodbye and we wish all the success to the Centre, Jayden will always miss his teachers and the staff.

Thank you very much

Some nice words about the structure where my daughter has been since she had 6 months old. My partner and I are still and very please and happy how you keep them entertained, make them learn and progress for the future. We really appreciate the fact to have emails and keep us updated on every move they make, take pictures on every activities they are in, organizing birthdays and taking videos to send it to us or for any national celebrations.

Since I walked in the first time I really loved this daycare

So thank you to all teachers for everything, listening when needed and the passion you put into the care of our children.


Center – Home communication is timely. I can get some important information and photos/video from Story park. But the app is not convenient to downloading the photos/video.

All teachers are kind and knowledgeable. The pre-School classroom programme is very useful, it enable children to make a smooth transition to primary school. I am so happy to see my child go from a shy girl to a confident child.

Best Regards,


Marcus is doing really well! I could see his change from starting to cry when I parked the car outside the centre, to now getting a little upset when his is inside the centre. And he isn’t crying anymore when I’m picking him up! I’m really happy that his is doing well and having fun. Thank you and all the teams hard work to help him with his transition period.

Best Regards,

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