Li’l Champs Philosophy

At Li’l Champs Early Learning Centre, we promote genuine, respectful relationships between teachers, children and families, and value open, honest, reciprocal communication. Our staff provide an encouraging and empowering environment for LEARNING.

Interactions are caring and nurturing, and children are supported to develop a strong sense of belonging in an environment fuelled by LOVE.

We are proud to provide a safe yet challenging, well-resourced environment to meet the developmental needs of all children enrolled in our service.

We value exploration and discovery and actively encourage children to express their creativity, ask questions, try new ideas, and develop their problem-solving skills.

We acknowledge and embrace the cultural diversity of our community and enjoy honouring a wide variety of celebrations and traditions. Fun and LAUGHTER are an important part of our day.

Children are recognised and valued as individuals as we support them to build on their individual strengths, interests, gifts and talents, and encourage them in developing independence and personal responsibility.

Our programme is designed to equip children as capable and competent learners, ready to take their place in the wider world. New Zealand has a unique bicultural heritage and we endeavour to acknowledge the Treaty of Waitangi, and reflect both Māori and European languages, traditions and culture in our resources, environment and programme. We include Montessori based learning experiences as well as mainstream Early Childhood experiences which align with our New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum – Te Whāriki.

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