Steph Tiumalu

Lil Champs Sylvia Park a trusting family

It was stressful at the beginning of the year, I was getting ready to go back to work and I was afraid of putting my baby in hands of strangers. Everything went through my mind “would they look after her well” “would how would she cope without me” “Would they give her the TLC that she wants” “what the best daycare”

We found the Lil Champs Sylvia Park family.

The beginning of the whole process she connected with one of the teachers Michelle, Maria centre manager has taken so much stress off my shoulders leaving her in their care. Updates calls and texts how she was and what she has been doing, also I get to go home and show her book to her dad what she ate, how many nappy change (times) and when she had a nap.

These ladies are not only teachers for Elisa. They have become her family (aunties). She is learning every single day. From a 6 month old baby who only wanted breastmilk, refused formula, changing from different bottles and formula. They have helped me so much from starting her on solids slowly, she even has a routine 👍 and Maria giving me advice and tips to help me at home with her.

These beautiful ladies has a strong loving bond. Different nationalities, different backgrounds but united as one for the children.

Every morning, greeting these ladies makes my day at work 😀

Love these ladies so much, trust them with my precious gem

Steph Tiumalu (Elisa mum)

Ellee Tan

“Thank you to all the teachers involved in my son’s time at Li’l Champs. You guys have played an important part in his early education. Thank you all for your passion to early childhood Montessori education”

Ellee Tan


” My son has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Li’l Champs (Mission Heights Branch) and I am beyond grateful for the support I personally have received from the manager and the other teachers.

We are really sad to have to leave as I am unsure we will find such great support from another childcare but we will try our best.
We would love to have a farewell lunch with the teachers and friends at some point in the near future.”


Hayley Southwell

Lil Champs Day care Centre Blockhouse Bay offers a welcoming and friendly environment for children. With large open plan spaces the interior layout is well thought out with various colourful and creative interactive stations. References to learning, help for parents and student personalisation can be clearly seen across the interior the walls. It is always feels clean and hygienic and well organised. The Staff have been approachable and knowledgeable. Each can be seen to have a unique skill set which would benefit the children and could only compliment working together as a team. Overall I believe the Centre is a stimulating and happy place for its students and a safe and healthy learning facility.

– Hayley Southwell

Chris Thompson

It is with great excitement that Tahleka looks forward to her first day at ‘big school’
It is also a sad time for us that we say goodbye to the team at Lil Champs.

It seems like such a short time ago that Tahleka started at Lil Champs and I can honestly say there has never been a day that she has not looked forward to going to your ‘school’.
I want to thank yourself and Nav, plus your past and present team for demonstrating a professional and courteous attitude towards both children and parents.
Your team have strong values and this has helped Tahleka develop into the child she is today.
We constantly recommend Lil Champs to our friends and colleagues.

Everyday Tahleka explains to us what she has learnt that day, and what she had for lunch.
She has developed a real taste for indian food.
Im so impressed with her pronunciation of Maori words and she sings the NZ Anthem in Maiori perfectly.

Last week Tahleka told us about Chinese New Year and how it was celebrated at school. She will often explain about animals, insects, cocoons etc and things that Im surprised she knows at such a young age.
When I ask her ‘who told you that?’ She usually says Nav
I think Nav is doing a terrific job of preparing children for School.

As I said we will genuinely miss the team and the kind owners of Lil Champs but plan to drop in sometimes with Tahleka to say Hello.

– Chris Thompson
Equipment Supply Coordinator
Operations Department

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