Parents Voice


What parents say about us

“Very good care and education.” – Doraeth Tham
“What I like most about Li’l Champs is the caring teachers.” – Sucheta
“The teachers are super nice and supportive” – Fei Li

What I like most about Li’l Champs is “the staff and the convenience of location.” – Jignasha Mansukh

What I like most about Li’l Champs is “the friendly staff.” – Arifa Rahimi

“Always looked after my son as if he was one of your own kids.” – Michelle Mckain

“I am very impressed with the quality of education.” – Robi Anne Corpuz

“The ease of transition, the Montessori environment”. Teachers take special care to meet the needs of individual children.” – Jamey Ratnaraja

“My child became independent.” – Megha Thukral

“My girl was not talking at all in the beginning. After teachers help, she started to talk in 10 months.”- Pebble Lee, Mathew Lee

“The teachers who create a loving and safe environment for my children” – Mandy

“The level of care as my son has severe food allergies. All the staff looked after this aspect really well. Loved the style of teaching and appreciate one to one interaction.” – Zainoobia Anwar

“Great teachers with kindest hearts” – Fang Dong

“Teach a lot of life skills and very good in teaching my daughter good habits”. – Lidea Leung

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