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What parents say about us

“I liked the learning environment, health and safety standards and friendly teachers.” — Satwinder Singh

“We always felt confident that my child is in good hands whenever she is in Li’l Champs. We know that teachers prioritise safety of children at all times. As busy parents, we didn’t have time to really look after our child’s educational progress. We are happy that most of the things she learned, academically, are because of the help of her teachers. Teachers treat children as if they are their own. Not only do they value a child’s educational progress but also they focus on moulding them into a good person. Thank you for taking care of my child through all the years.” — Anthony Dimaculangan and Aillen Teves

“Friendly and supportive staff. Clean and safe learning environment.” — Jack Khor

“Teachers are super caring and friendly. Great curriculum for kids and learning.” — Ash Prakash

“My child always loves coming to the centre which showcases how safe, cared for and happy he is there. He has developed and enhanced his skills and knowledge at the centre. The teachers and manager are great people who show genuine care.” — Laura Adam

“I hope you and the Lil Champs Family are doing well.
I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you and the Lil Champs team for the foundation that you have created for our child’s learning journey.
We are forever grateful for the time and effort that you and all the teachers spent with our child, especially Teacher Leah 😉.
A quick update of our child:
He managed to get his first “Principal’s Award”, 4 weeks into starting Primary School.
He also managed to receive the “Student of the Term Award” for this term.
Thank you again, and take care.” —  Jenny and Mike

“Friendly teachers, cared for children, good communication with parents. Also, it is a clean centre.” — Linna Chea

“It is a friendly and organized centre. Our children be looked after well, and staff made us feel like a family. Thanks for everything.” — Bunserang Chhun

“Staffs are amazing, friendly, and approachable. The centre is welcoming, and they provide a good learning environment.” — Leeleshni Swamy

“Warm and Welcoming staff. My child’s educational needs are met.” — Zaralea Pooley

“Amazing teachers, and the centre is well organized.” — Rahul Manocha

“The teachers always realize your needs and work along with you. They are always there for you for discussion and open for any ideas.” — Zainoobia Amwaz

“My son learnt a lot and always be patient and kind. So, I am grateful to all the teachers and staff.” — Wenjiao Ma

“Very accepting & involved during coordination with MOE. Thank you for looking after my daughter and being patient & understanding with her.” — Lucille Sia

“Excellent care and education. The staff are very professional and looks after the individual needs of children. I am very happy for all that my daughter has learned from her teachers.” — Amandeep Kaur

“Discipline and organized centre. I am very happy with the service. Professionalism, quality, and reliability.” — Hitty Sarpal

“Montessori education method is the most attractive point for me.” — Sandy Chen

“Great learning and caring community.” — Zhenxu Luan

“Caring and patient teachers. “— Lizy Timm

“My daughter learnt many skills, such as singing, writing and so on. ” — Huaicheng

“It is great on education environment and my son getting more independent.” — Douglas Chen

“Clear communication by the teachers on my daughter’s progress and area to work
around. Extra mile while working with MOE support and being flexible and helpful
whenever I needed. ” — Sajeeva Merin Sunn

“The teachers very interactive with the children. ” — Ravnita Shah

“The team are like a family, very caring and attentive to children and parents’ needs.” — Julia Ly

“My child was helped and encouraged to explore and use her imagination. The
teachers always made her learning a more happier and positive one. The child learnt
things that she will be easy for life—this was possible only because of the continuous
efforts of the team member.”  — Shayala Malik

“Small class number. Respectful teachers who are kind and caring Montessori learning
and Storypark.”— Sukhdeep Singh

“Love the teachers, love the environment.” — Ying Lin

“Best place to send your children. Curriculum, atmosphere, teachers…..everything is
best.” — Jasleen Kaur

“What I like the most about Lil Champs is all teachers and staff.” — Loann Peng

“Teachers are friendly and caring for my child including eating, mood, behavior. The
environment is very clean. The children really can get learning skills for the school.
Always have some activities which are very exciting for us.” — Kun Bao

“I loved how friendly all the staff were and how patient they were with everything.
Gave me peace of mind every day.” — Bonnie-J Vaitai

“The relationship built with teachers and manager at the center is very good. The
Montessori learning that my child is exposed to preparing him well for the start of
primary school.” — Zoe Tan

“We love how all the center teachers are all friendly and understanding of my child’s needs.” — Linna Chea

“The teachers always encouraged children to be more independent.” — Reese Yu

“They have an outstanding level of child care.” — Rinleshni Narayan

“Friendly environment and excellent learning opportunities. My child has learnt a lot
and he is what he is today because of his teachers.” — Monica Solanki

“Very good care and education.” – Doraeth Tham

“What I like most about Li’l Champs is the caring teachers.” – Sucheta
“The teachers are super nice and supportive” – Fei Li

What I like most about Li’l Champs is “the staff and the convenience of location.” – Jignasha Mansukh

What I like most about Li’l Champs is “the friendly staff.” – Arifa Rahimi

“Always looked after my son as if he was one of your own kids.” – Michelle Mckain

“I am very impressed with the quality of education.” – Robi Anne Corpuz

“The ease of transition, the Montessori environment”. Teachers take special care to meet the needs of individual children.” – Jamey Ratnaraja

“My child became independent.” – Megha Thukral

“My girl was not talking at all in the beginning. After teachers help, she started to talk in 10 months.”- Pebble Lee, Mathew Lee

“The teachers who create a loving and safe environment for my children” – Mandy

“The level of care as my son has severe food allergies. All the staff looked after this aspect really well. Loved the style of teaching and appreciate one to one interaction.” – Zainoobia Anwar

“Great teachers with kindest hearts” – Fang Dong

“Teach a lot of life skills and very good in teaching my daughter good habits”. – Lidea Leung

“Just want to say a big huge thank you to the team of teachers and Kamini in Lil Champs Mission Heights. We spent 4 years here and they were like our extended family. Both our kids left the centre well prepared for primary school-academically, socially and emotionally. The teachers have showered not only our kids but our whole family with so much care and love. I leave my kids in the centre with confidence every morning knowing that they will be well taken care off and taught well. Highly recommend to families who are looking for quality, responsible and effective early childhood centre for the kids.” – Zoe YC Tan

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