Learning and Care Programmes

All of our programmes follow the principles of the National Early Childhood Education Framework – Te Whariki.

Infants (0-18months)


In the early months of life care routines are a large component of the infant’s day. During these experiences our teachers support your child to develop security and trust that their needs will be met. Through careful observation and a growing relationship, teachers tune in to your child’s individual routines and cues.

As your child gains an increasing awareness of their own body and how they can interact with their surroundings, our teachers respond to their personal developmental progress by providing appropriate resources and experiences to extend their inborn drive to develop independence.

The infant programme builds the foundation for growing and learning in a safe, nurturing environment and activities are planned to stimulate your child’s emerging physical and social skills.

Toddlers (18mths – 3 years)


During this period children are rapidly developing their sense of self.The development of independence can be challenging for children as they experience and learn to manage a range of emotions.With the knowledge and understanding of how children learn, our teachers will support your child through this transition from infant to child.

At Li’l Champs your child has access to a wide range of resources and equipment and our teachers provide carefully planned learning experiences daily.Our programme supports your child’s growing needs for physical movement, language acquisition and the exploration of social relationships and imaginative play.

Preschool (3 – 6 years)

The Li’l Champs Preschool programme helps prepare your child for a smooth transition to school. Activities are designed promote your child’s cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development.


Your child will develop early literacy and numeracy skills as well as learning about the world around them through science, geography and cultural experiences.

The indoor and outdoor curriculum are designed to provoke your child’s curiosity to learn, and teachers support and encourage children to recognize and extend their strengths and interests.

OurMission Heights preschool room proudly offers the Montessori Philosophy.

Trained and experienced in the Montessori method, our Preschool Teachers skillfully combine this with mainstream early childhood care and education giving your child the best of both worlds.

Healthy Heart Programme

We are proud members of the Heart Foundation’s Healthy Heart Award Programme for Early Childhood Centres. The programme aims to encourage physical activity and healthy eating habits in children under 5 and their families.

Our centres are spacious and have fantastic outdoor play areas to encourage children to beactive. We develop creative indoor and outdoor activities that help our children hop, skip and play their way to healthy heart and bodies.

Each centre has a carefully planned seasonal and nutritious menu. All food is prepared and served fresh everyday by our in-house cooks.