Discovering Nature

Millie, you were so excited about the praying mantis we found on the wall today. You joined the group as I took it down from the wall and carried it into the back yard. I noticed that this praying mantis was a female and that she had eggs she needed to lay. I shared my discovery with the group and Millie this made you very excited.

Everyone began adding their thoughts about its features, it’s colour and if it would bite us. After some reassurance that it would not bite, I asked if anyone wanted to hold the praying mantis? Some of your friends had a go and then Millie you bravely held out your arm and said to me “I can hold it” You pulled up your sleeve and exposed your shirt underneath, “Put it on here.” You directed me. You held very still while the praying mantis climbed onto your arm.

“It’s a girl?” you double checked with me, I agreed that it was a girl. “ITS A GIRL!” you excitedly shouted to everyone “IT’S A GIRL! I asked “What colour is it?” and you quickly answered Millie, “Its green!” and your friend agreed.

“should we give her a name?” I enquired but after some thought, no one came up with a name so we just stuck with praying mantis.

Millie you spotted your Meema out the corner of your eye and you ran up onto the deck to her. “Meema, Meema look!” you eagerly shouted, “Look Meema, it’s a girl, it’s a girl.”

You were so passionate about this new little creature we found and that it was a girl that you couldn’t contain your excitement. After a little chat with Meema, I asked if we should go put the mantis back on the tree and you agreed.

You cautiously carried the praying mantis to a tree in the backyard, after a bit of problem solving you successfully transferred the praying mantis from your arm onto the tree.

Millie, it was lovely to watch you show so much wonder and care for the little praying mantis.

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